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Welcome to WASATO

We can help you take a better approach of your business, with an integral marketing and business strategy development, providing all the necessary business tools.

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360º Business Solutions

By focusing in the project management, organizational development, internal management and business services, we'll be able to improve your performance and develop your business.

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Looking for professional advice?

If you need to improve your business, or to implement new projects, we are covering several business areas like finances, marketing, e-commerce and management.

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Creative Problem Solving

To find satisfactory solutions it is necessary to provide an effective problem solving, without wasting any unnecessary time and resources that you need for your core business.

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We are ready for your Business projects

Project management is one of the most important parts if you want to success in your business. We are specialist of getting the things done.

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Your business development in our hands!

An effective communication is a key factor to success and one of the biggest problems in today companies.

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Is your business going where you want it to?

Let us help you with the strategic planning and take an important advantage against your concurrence in the market.

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We are ready for your project.

Our main target is the total satisfaction of our clients, making your Business our Business, providing the Know-how to increase effectiveness.

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Sunday, 21 Jul 2024


Social Media Marketing

In the last few years, there has been a big buzz about Social Networking. Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter have become part of our lives. The...

Franklin Villaseñor Comments 23 Jun 2010 Hits:58223

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Connect to Icecat

We just developed a new Icecat module that lets you connect to the database and update all your products information. This module allows updating and importing data...

Franklin Villaseñor Comments 25 Jun 2010 Hits:230032

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Partners in Business

Partners in Business

Business partnerships can be more emotionally taxing than...

Administrator Comments 21 Apr 2010 Hits:88095

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Our Products



"Now you will be able to update your products technical information including videos, 3d Content, Reasons to buy and disclaimer directly from the Icecat database."   Now the new release of this module is...

Franklin Villaseñor Comments 25 Jun 2010 Hits:137635

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Branding Strategy - Developing the Brand

Company News | Franklin Villaseñor | 26 May 2015 | Hits:237786

It is so simple like saying, that your company brands has its own storytelling and will tell all your target and potential customers what they can expect from your products and services. And it will differentiate your company from all... Read more

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