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Dimanche, 21 Juil 2024


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¡Now you will be able to update your products technical information directly from the Icecat database to your Multi-Store!


"Now the new release of  WICECAT PRO Multi-Store is available, if you like our first release you’ll love this new one"


This module is a must-have tool if you have multi-store and hundreds of products. You can just imagine how much time you will save in updating or importing the data of thousands of products. Almost all suppliers use the Icecat database to share their products information.


With this tool, you can tweak your information before updating according to your marketing needs. This tool does everything that you need to manage your products' content, create your SEO, relate the products, import directly from CSV files or the Icecat catalogue.

Now with the new release you can update the reference of the products that have been imported with an incorrect reference will require that the product has the correct EAN number and available in Icecat.


The the features and functions that the module is capable of doing.


The functions are divided in six tabs, each one of them with different and similar features.





This release has the following tabs:


  1. UPDATE: The update is based on the EAN/UPC number of your products,If your products don't have the EAN/UPC number, the update will try to retrieve the information from the Icecat database using the product reference and the product manufacturer. with the new release is necesary the correct EAN number,you can update in all installed languages at the same time, you can select all of the following or just the ones you need: (images, product Short/long description, SEO, product name, features)
  2. SEARCH: You can search the exact product that you want to update. You can search the products from your store by their name, reference or EAN number. After you found the products, you can select the information you want to update.
  3. IMPORT: To import the products from the Icecat database, first you will have to select the category and then the module will show you which manufacturers are available under that category. After that, you can select the manufacturers from which the products will be searched and then imported. Read more.
  4. ACCESSORIES: You can select by everything or, manufacturer, category, language
  5. SEO: It allows you to optimize your product automatically for the search engines.


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Try our online demo to see what kind of technical information can be imported from the Icecat catalogue.


For more information, or to contact WASATO, click here.